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Sunday, January 29, 2012

yesterday :)

ok,today post will be about yesterday..hee:)

well,yesterday was the first time driving from UM to ma home...ok je.but,something happen.haha.
ade 1 simpng ni suppose kereta from the other way msuk,tp pkai rmpuh je g msuk.mauu x kelam kabut mama kat,dgn tng n cool nye reverse balik...pheeeeewwww......Alhamdulillah time tu xde kete.

mama bought new c5.simple n her :).

n i found the software tht i really want..WIDI...mmg lps ni melakat dgn keyboard je la..

haa,smlm kan AJL.awan nano mng.hafiz sempoi je bju tshirt n sluar track mng.haha.n aliyah punye baju cntekkkk:)

thts all.

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