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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

That GUY.. :3

ehem2!! :P

that guy, i've known him not for a long time,but not so short.
about 1 year already.we used to be a good friend.hmmm..xnk la precise sgt. kantoi je....
mcm ni lah...

that guy,he just an ordinary guy.maybe.
i like him.(r u sure arina?haha)..emm,but i dont know he likes me too or not.
xkan lah i na luahkan dulu kan.but i'm afraid of losing him.ce wah..haha
maybe if u r my friend u'll not expect that he's my type.
it's not like 'my type'.bukanlah maksud NOTMYTYPE.but i'm actually dont have that kind of 'the type of men that i like'..haha...bole x?hmmm,but the point is...

if he doesnt like me,what should i do?emm,can i find another guy?
x pernah pulak rase seSETIA mcm ni...
tp,sedih la cuz dahulunya kami agk skrg mcm msing2 da busy...hmmm..
bile la lagi dpt kua ek....

the end of that GUY...XD

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