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Saturday, March 3, 2012

sweet friends :)

Long time no post :).actually I've so many things to story2.hehee.but bz women la kan...huhu.

So,the 1st na ceritanya Shakiera dtg um n she stay here 4 about 6 days.muahaha...sgt lame n sgt seronok :).tp2 bile dye balik rse sunyi sbb xde da org na smbut balik kls :(.xpelah.moge jmpe lg.oh,she gave me this

 muahaha..rock kan :P...thanx a lot dear ;)..da rindu da ni..

N one day shakiera bwk Nafisah!!!hahaha.sgt rindu.n sempat lg dye bg ni.

Sooo cuteee:)I paste it on my 'wall' :)

N then Qausar gave me this

This is just so sweet...u want know y?bcoz the 4 love means 'I love u Arina' XD muehehe...the first thing she give to me.. 22|2|12...;)

Thanks 4 being sweet friends :)

love them <3

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