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Monday, August 15, 2011

i want u to know i love u

i really want u to know that i really2 love u..
almost all the time i kept thinking of u...
i dont know y this feeling comes just like that..
i dont want u to b misunderstood..
i love as frenz or myb as my family..
myb bcoz u didnt know how much i love u..
or myb u know but u just ignored it coz u dont like the way i behave to u
or myb i'm akways disturbing u..
what i've done to u is all bcoz i love u..
i'm always hoping tht u love me to...

i think u 'll never read this.but if u do...
i hope u know the person in this post is u..

my frenz,best sis 4 eva :)

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